13 December 2007

by royal command

you can't prevent the days getting colder
your greatest wishes will not change a blip
but be recorded in a maroon folder
and so you drink the potion sip by sip
hoping for warmth upon the frozen lip
the symbol and the content are so trite
that we expect no anger and no fight
just the assumption that we are supreme
will make our acts and follies come out right
for we are living the victorious dream

some might with stern practice growing bolder
find our approach to be a little flip
we will leave them in the slime to moulder
and make it clear that we have taken ship
knowing that this is not a common trip
to places that are far from normal sight
we travel out of pleasure and delight
to see the furthest star's romantic gleam
your anger and contumely are just spite
for we are living the victorious dream

you cannot bear weight of heavy boulder
we lay it on your back to punish lip
and laugh to see your submissive shoulder
knowing that you will soon lose all your zip
and feel the greatest pain in leg and hip
since you need that to set your mind aright
with the hard gift of therapeutic fright
your proper punishment for evil scheme
of daring to deny we bear the light
for we are living the victorious dream

slave you may see us as a constant blight
but needs must bow before our force and might
you dare not claim our actions are extreme
since we dictate the words you speak and right
and we shall any insolence requite
for we are living the victorious dream

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