12 December 2007

all may cry defeat

once you have found your way out of the fire
you find that you are not the refined ore
and each who told you so was a plain liar
but now you still don't truly know the score
and your voice cannot rise into a roar
this is no time for mummery and shows
the client needs to be led by the nose
and nonsense can be published by the ton
we do not bring the whole thing to a close
our secret purpose lies exposed to sun

the process might still go down to the wire
i tell you this though you think it a bore
you've risen high yet you may still go higher
than anyone whose done the job before
over the hills you will on wide wings soar
rising and dipping well above the snows
but never wondering better things arose
when we could all the magic and light shun
but then what happened propagandist froze
our secret purpose lies exposed to sun

it was our only justice son or sire
we had to do the thing and then to snore
while sleepy servants played upon the lyre
and wished that they could vanish through the door
until the night would fade and be no more
such matters are not neatly tied in bows
and he who calls it simple merely crows
but does not realise he has to run
since now with angry folk coming to blows
our secret purpose lies exposed to sun

prince we cannot here your good health propose
while into earth your ashes decompose
and your death pyre is glowing on the shore
victory has wholly gone to your worst foes
and wholly cankered like the dying rose
our secret purpose lies exposed to sun

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