31 December 2007

31 December

The earth passes, once more, the yearly point
and for a moment the times seem in joint;
we thank our friends, not just for their kind hearts,
but for the ways that each with their true arts
provides us with that little bit of light
that we too hope we show against the night.
Life gives us sour, we have to make the sweet,
but we can take our lives, like good rum, neat.
We laugh, we love, we hope in time to meet
with friends far distant; still we take the chance
to smile a moment, step out in the dance,
give forth our wisdom, or in silence sit
with hearts now lightened by the gentle wit
of those who know just how to string a tale.
Now, as the long hard year's time comes to fail,
we send our thanks across the gap of time
and immense space. Happy New Year in rhyme.

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