27 November 2007

spirit of the air

a messenger arrives upon the hour
with symbols that are all too stark and plain
we might expect a little squall or shower
but not a steady needed soaking rain
the demon of the darkness is well-slain
and all the world is waiting for the sight
of other gods to take us through the light
while tinkling musics are proclaimed most fair
we choose the ones who always were the bright
a human spirit moves upon the air

we don't expect that you will scowl or glower
at what we all can see is honest gain
wizard and warlock each laugh in their tower
and boats of stone have been seen on the main
we know some things just go against the grain
but would not put you into the worst plight
had it not been necessity of rite
you were the only one that we could spare
as sacrifice to end the spreading blight
a human spirit moves upon the air

beneath the skin we see the moving power
against great forces it appears to strain
and even deities are forced to cower
facing these creatures of a once-crazed brain
whose only emblem is the sign of pain
we cannot hope to face it day or night
without once feeling sour disdain or spite
in face of it we're simply forced to care
and so we find the means to suppress fright
a human spirit moves upon the air

prince you are given all the oversight
of mortal acts by heritage and right
you are the one who does what he might dare
and will not pause or run away from fight
in all your power and for your best delight
a human spirit moves upon the air

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