17 November 2007

no gratitude but revenge

it does not matter if we have the itch
to seek for worlds hidden in what we know
or just to sit and wait and watch the show
for some small time until we salt the flitch
against the winter we've are not so rich
and what we hope for waiting for the snow
is more than moonlight and the early glow
of sunny morning so that is the bitch
we make and that we want so much to hide
from all the ones who think we're truly pure
while brown and yellow overtake the green
you see we want far more than just the ride
to places of which we are never sure
still what will happen is what we've not seen
while evening peacocks on the frontage preen
the wonder is that we can take a side
on whether beauty truly may endure
while loudly disclaiming both fear and pride
not knowing if there will be any cure
before we have to bow and quit the scene
another mile another horse to flog
you listen but you will not hear the frog

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