26 November 2007

no gleaming knight

we learn that every choice leads to a wall
three thousand years of teaching do not fail
the loser's always one who stands most tall
we learn to love things on their proper scale
and not to seek for treasure or the grail
instead to find the normal use of skill
while others hesitate or even quail
the holly bushes sit up on the hill

we did not answer when you chose to call
the gospel that you sold us has grown stale
so many things that honest hearts appal
occult within each ordinary bale
while rusty swords are hung upon the nail
in sign of heroes who have fought their fill
until the blood has rusted their chain mail
the holly bushes sit up on the hill

we are told nothing but we would know all
about the ones whose mention turns you pale
and what princess managed to miss the ball
to read the message of the glowing sail
we wonder at the ones who seem to ail
for want of what is found in any pill
and those who trust too much in creaking rail
the holly bushes sit up on the hill

prince there's no end to this annoying tale
we have to find a way to keep the thrill
all of your servants know what's here for sale
and nothing holds us but mere force of will
the fruit is thick and juicy in the dale
the holly bushes sit up on the hill

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