30 October 2007

nothing to see

the rules are clear
we have no choice
there's no fresh air
no ringing voice
we have to care
but not rejoice

allow some thought
of what we need
twixt is and ought
the monsters breed
all goes for naught
when giants feed

in the deep dark
we see no stars
but still may mark
the sounds of cars
no dogs may bark
but there are jars

allow each heart
to have its say
play no loud part
but smile with day
your simple art
shows us the way

the rules are hard
and cause great pain
each road's now barred
but there's no rain
we've no regard
for those who strain

allow each mind
to search the earth
bring humankind
to better birth
teach dumb and blind
the springs of mirth

no rules are just
no gods will bless
the ones who must
achieve success
and yet their trust
was no excess

permit the true
to end their task
give what is due
without a mask
accept the new
and do not ask

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