04 October 2007

house name

we find the empire doesn't end at once
its memories hold on for many years
it isn't truly there but still some dunce
for its past glory sheds some weighty tears
we see the noble houses on their hills
and watch the servants hidden at the back
the final remnants of imperious wills
the ones who run at first thought of attack
the meaning of the name first seen in rain
is horror sorrow and the end of hope
but now it has become historic pain
and the last owner's hiding from the rope
the one who knows had left the past behind
casting grim memory far out of mind
i should know better but i fit the name
into a different setting of the past
so that in future i shall feel some shame
and the dull image into garbage cast
rule of the self becomes the better plan
but we are human right down to the bone
we have to make a stand woman or man
and work together lest we die alone
thousands of miles that now are in between
don't dim the signal nor deface the word
but know i understand just what they mean
and that is something that can't be unheard
the road past huts and houses still may wind
but what we think of may now be more kind

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