03 October 2007

around the corner

not wide the door
narrow the path
we ask for more
but not for wrath
there's some in store
no board but lath
right at the core
the aftermath

a shallow pool
beneath the tree
the weather cool
the moment free
a needed tool
we have to see
now time to school
who pays the fee

a moment's rain
relieves no curse
a ninny's brain
is none the worse
we find this plain
an empty purse
a single stain
but rhyming verse

expect no flame
but watch for light
this is no game
you've got it right
a moment's shame
an hours delight
ask for a name
you have a fight

the river's near
but now it's dark
the cost not dear
we leave no mark
those at the rear
to them we hark
what they can bear
is not so stark

along the road
commuters drive
each with a load
that must arrive
no simple code
to gain the hive
the horse one rode
can't stay alive

no forest now
the houses spread
a single vow
before you're dead
don't worry how
the thing is read
a rusted plough
is dull and red

against the wall
the laggards stand
they hear no call
they raise no hand
not standing tall
without command
we see them fall
the ragged band

what we believe
is almost true
you must deceive
by dimmer hue
if we receive
a morning blue
you might achieve
a symbol new

shadow of time
at edge of sight
to squeeze a lime
won't make it right
the steady climb
ends in a fright
no honest crime
that is our plight

a time to dance
but not to speak
a single glance
may turn you weak
the troops advance
but you won't seek
the slimmest chance
to cross the creek

i'll write no lies
but you'll proclaim
up to the skies
that there's no shame
in all the spies
who play this game
their empty eyes
fill with a flame

accept that paws
can cross each line
there is no cause
we'd call divine
the masters' tawse
drives to the mine
these are the laws
we'll have the wine

we have to choose
you know the odds
but win or lose
we'll feel the rods
no time for booze
for thirsty bods
out of the ooze
we make our gods

the times aren't hard
but we sense threat
roads are not barred
no one will vet
to see what's marred
no cause to fret
we've got the card
the path's still wet

there's not one way
back to the heart
through all the grey
we find each part
of all we'll say
right from the start
the words won't fray
that's the true art

what you require
is that we break
the weight of ire
make no mistake
just to aspire
to more than fake
will raise a fire
beside the lake

choices are rough
the hour's not done
there's not enough
to choose or shun
a single cough
not cause to run
be weak or tough
but greet the sun

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