27 September 2007

once young and foolish

the double choice of which way on the road
a sort of abstract made by one who knows
that journeys all must come to the same end
a moment more and there's a better choice
what leads us home may be the route of pain
but sorrow cannot keep us from true love
in truth it's hard in this place to be lost
since every path comes in the end to sea
and over the blue waves is freedom's home
none speaks of this under the mango leaf
but heart turns kinder when the moon is bright
and things are clearer then than in daylight
youth ends too soon in face of normal grief
the life of duty will not let us roam
our only option's not to let things be
following rules has we will find a cost
hard fist is gentled by the leather glove
sight comes to us and all things become plain
we listen to the ones with pleasant voice
true vision shows that trails must twist and bend
we'll take the allamanda not the rose
echoes we find in this fantastic mode

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