24 September 2007

emergent humanity

we watch the crowds gather in each main square
the same fierce speeches the same loud applause
it doesn't matter what the score or cause
people demand the world be made more fair
public rejection of shock and despair
combines with calls for honest rule and laws
a better government with fewer flaws
against the current all will speak and dare
the planet's small no corner's very far
from camera and from the microphone
we live in awe of these swift-changing days
no frontier no artificial bar
keeps us away from any cry or moan
we all are actors in these urgent plays
from no small action can we avert gaze
from burning man or from exploding car
we get to hear each horrid sign and groan
each day some terror makes every nerve jar
in teeming millions we are quite alone
knowing new powers lurk within the haze
from all sides we're most urgently apprised
the revolution has been televised

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