18 September 2007

another changing of the guard

silence broken by loud scream
the things we know have all come true
we have no option but to deem
the old betrayed and blame the new
what is is more than what may seem
the one who wins is he who slew
the creature lurking by the stream
and then received more than his due

a world of choices comes to one
we reach a fork in the long road
we cannot walk nor even run
what was behind us is our goad
we know the path that we must shun
we understand the secret code
each hopes for a returning sun
and struggles under the huge load

no signal comes to tell us how
we these strange paths must navigate
sweat shall spring up on every brow
we'll never reach the staring gate
unless we this hard truth avow
there is an answer against fate
and more than that we must allow
to come into our proper state

all change requires some early pain
your heart must take it beat by beat
not thinking of the coming gain
just whether the road suits our feet
the mountain giving way to plain
stale water giving way to sweet
rejoicing in the autumn rain
and laughing in the city street

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