02 August 2007

rapid construction

who does the work deserves all of the pay
but that won't happen thought it would be nice
this is the bosses' not the workers' day

you break your back and just get beans and rice
and told you should be grateful for the chance
to risk your body and to pay the price

for other folk to live and love and dance
this is a matter where it would be wise
to say that all is well and we advance

many must fall so that a few may rise
to say the only effort was their own
and damn the honest who'd say otherwise

they eat the meat and leave only the bone
for those who in the heat did all the toil
that's a fact that's what we've always known

sweat as it drips supplies a sort of oil
that smooths the way to extract yet more pain
and keeps the working kettle on the boil

let them enjoy hot sun and chilling rain
in hottest august and frozen december
we're happy that they serve to take the strain

and worry that their children will remember

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