21 August 2007

not soft the sea

magic in the woody sunset
no reward for our stern duty
a single flash of urgent beauty
no surprise and no regret

hours and hours of happy sleeping
not a thought of earthly power
a small glimpse of eldritch tower
and the dormice ever creeping

on the banks of the swift river
where there is no time of waiting
and the flood is slow abating
we keep arrows in our quiver

for the golden flying creature
that will satiate our hunger
while the day's not getting younger
anger fills each human feature

sleep and rest are ever fleeting
work devours each waking thought
and yet comes at last to nought
there is never merry meeting

every heart's a fading flower
in the sticky noontime sunheat
not a chance that we may greet
happy damsel in her bower

all our thoughts are inward trending
to the point of final pallor
no room here for heart or valour
sun and shadow are now blending

in the dark we're sad and fearful
daylight strips away all veils
no one's left to hear our wails
we have not been wise and careful

at the end there's no escaping
choices made in simple fury
tell that story to the jury
with the proper bow and scraping

as the sun destroys our pleasure
others wait to eat our dinner
each in turn will be the winner
as they view the world at leisure

name the day we won't remember
how we made our happy choices
silence covers all our voices
and our fire is now an ember

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