03 August 2007

bush league verse

every morning brings the same
actors rushing to the game
lives are measured by a line
losers drown themselves in wine
echoes of the fatal fall
rumblings of the bowling ball
green the light on every side
red the colour that we hide
marbling of the easy meat
pain the message of these feet
little more that we can take
of the messes that you make
humming swiftly on the wire
news comes of the spreading fire
failure speaks louder than truth
not allowed regret or ruth
each lie makes us hate some more
hate the worker hate the poor
hate the ones who won't obey
hate the night and hate the day
hate the ones who will not sing
praises to the mighty king
always love the noble whip
keep a tight and silent lip
do all this and we will thrive
truth and justice can't survive

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