03 July 2007


all of this moment turns into an ache
there's nothing here to ease or to distract
no reason we can see for calm or tact
it's easy to wonder if life's a mistake

the city stands and has not yet been sacked
we aren't the ones who have to see it fall
there's nothing left to do but to stand tall
there's someone here who tells the lie from fact

you know that you just want to cry and bawl
there's nothing left for you to criticise
and still so much to hate and to despise
we will not answer when we hear you call

at any time there's hope to win the prize
but you and i are not the ones who'll gain
we still may love the sun and hate the rain
but cannot understand what fogs our eyes

there's nothing left that is not clear and plain
all time has come and gone and we are here
we cannot hold the entire world too dear
although we know it gives us only pain

we keep our hurtful feelings far too near
there's so much we can say and keep inside
the things that we just know we have to hide
will go with us until we reach the bier

we think of this and want to keep our pride
since we are just here to go on the ride

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