31 July 2007

a simple path to paradise

a little thought and we would have to laugh
words come and go and never can express
just how to shake the wheat out of the chaff

our hope this season is just to address
the proper source of all our fear and pain
and cease to pay it the demanded cess

throughout this summer we have wanted rain
it has not come and we watch flowers die
the rules are all against us that is plain

no benison has fallen from the sky
but still we hope and still we have to smile
our future's never founded on a lie

there's no gate here no accursed slap or stile
just a plain road lacking a fingerpost
but still we can trudge on another mile

it's a long journey till we reach the coast
we have been there and set foot in the sea
but that is not a reason for our boast

all of our happiness is out and free
we have seen pain and we bear the scars
of our long struggle just to live and be

still we're rewarded by the summer stars

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