08 July 2007

in no alternative

the choices come to those who care
to do great deeds or else not dare
experience the deeps of life
or else give up in face of strife
laws that we write are still the rule
who flouts them will be shown a fool
a house built on the living rock
may tumble at the quake's first shock
but not to live's the great mistake
too long we sleep to short we wake
to act may seem a foolish thing
but every one's a queen or king
who knowing that the choice is hard
still goes until the way is barred
we come from somewhere in the dark
we know that round us the dogs bark
still what we have is what we've got
we bless or blight the living spot
out in the dark we'll have to go
dreams of a heaven or of woe
serve to distract us from our task
to do all that our minds can ask
we make our mark in stone or clay
and then we go the general way
others will come to take our place
to reach success or to disgrace
the hopes that others on their work
had set they try or else they shirk
and that's our job that is our part
we know the way we have the heart
let others scoff we know the road
and laugh when we take on the load

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