20 June 2007

the only glory

the price of liberty is still the same
a chunk of life belongs to other folk
we don't consider this to be a game

we give the ones who claim to lead a poke
they have to listen if they want to lead
our way of life can never be a joke

the choice is clear so is the normal deed
there's but one option that is not to fail
it's not a matter for desire nor greed

knave and fool alike we'll send to gaol
all that must matter is the human stake
one who desires to rule must not be stale

we all of us desire the same big break
a life with good things and but little pain
we know to tell the honest from the fake

we balance sun and blue with cloud and rain
there's got to be a space for every soul
we lose together and as one we gain

that's the objective the celestial pole
we can't all be alone in our fast cars
we all belong to the great human whole

we live in mud but we can see the stars

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