16 June 2007

on the morrow

name we forget and then beyond recall
go names and numbers all the living fact
that holds us present we have never lacked
reason to think that someday we would fall
we know that one fate will receive us all
but if we speak we know we must show tact
it does not matter if our hearts are wracked
the thing to do is stand up proud and tall
we can't announce the meaning of the chime
the word must be avoided on the road
our minds must never touch a certain thought
all of our lives must be considered prime
we are so fearful of that hidden goad
and do not question just what we have wrought
we have not learned the lesson we were taught
we blame our forebears or we blame the time
but still we knew and any could forebode
the meaning of each travesty or crime
know that our bodies could not take the load
and that true justice always has been bought
a glow we notice coming through the trees
may liberate or make all hearts to freeze

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