27 June 2007

an interrupted journey


life soaks into the ground with water
but we don't see it happen in the air
the reason is not one requiring care
an honest answer simply avoids slaughter

the anguish comes when we are most fair
a hundred reasons aren't enough for some
who knows the words has no need to hum
but each of us must have the gift of flair

not all of us can without effort strum
the correct chords to let our meaning flow
instead we'll bask in the musicians' glow
and smile when we can recognise the drum

a host of us might think or claim to know
the best way to announce our several needs
we want the fruits but did not sow the seeds
and so we call on you to lead the show

the ones who judge have no time for good deeds
enough that each of us can feel the pain
no answer comes to us in language plain
we flounder in our madness through the weeds


a kind of plan might form in the best mind
but that's no help to us in these sad days
we seek to hide from the suns cruel rays
but at the same time fear being left behind

the ones who do not kill us know our ways
the cruelest treatment is the softest touch
the rabbit's kept with pleasure in its hutch
and all unthinking dreams its owner plays

we seek to stay outside the monster's clutch
but life will drive us and we cannot stay
our hope is to avoid the standard way
and hope that our owners don't eat much

we claim that we are not much more than clay
but in each hearts there beats a higher claim
that we know more than's good for common shame
and feel a truth in the hot sun's sharp ray

and what in the end matters praise or blame
our minds are set on an unwavering course
we won't deny the basic truths of force
but in the end we'll think it all a game

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