10 May 2007

Student bloomers Spring 2007

However, the possibility of never getting hired can occur.

In fact, a constitutional disgrace best describes the American political system due to the unapparent disregard for the people.

This quote from the Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson, written in 1776, shows how the idea of equality was favored even before slavery was prohibited in 1865, more than ninety years later.

Life is liberty within its own origin, therefore one should be able to live without violence.

Liberty is the same as saying you as an individual is free.

So it is up to us as a hole to figure out a solution.

A good definition for life is “as Americans we have the rights to live without the fear of injury or being killed by an other human bean”.

There isn’t one man above the next regardless of race, gender, belief, or wealth.

In the fifteen chapters of complied work bearing his name Mozi are the reflections of interest of the later Mo-ist school, containing a number of sections on logic and military science.

In the text Mozi the first Chinese attempt to express a vision for an ideal or utopian world and detail as to how this world is brought into flourished.

The idea here is that society is designed to benefit society.

Another one of Mozi’s main tenants was the idea of moderation.

Nevertheless, the utility of righteous men in government could not be administered without a morally competent leader.

Without these qualities, chaos would continue to occur among a population of people with corrupt opinions and values of society.

Plato’s form of society creates individuals who lack their own conscious.

Any behavior that demeans humanity will have a negative affects on the nature of life within society that will intern harm the harmony of a society.

Plato’s belief that the state should be prior to the individual opens the door for humanity to deplete.

This is primarily because our social normialites have changed drastically.

This wastefulness could not be beneficial and thus pointless.

Not to confuse my writer, I do very much agree for what Wollstonecraft stood for, I just prefer Gouge’s approach.

His motivation for this theory was a second hand account of life in the West Indies after the abolishment of silvery.

After a duel Ivy League education at Columbia University and Harvard Law schools he is the first widely endorsed African American candidate for president.

Overall, Wollstoncraft believed that there should be education of women in a particular social class, so that they would have more to bring to society other than the concept of children and a house wife.

Wollstonecraft argues that women are quick to omit to tyranny when all they have to do is stand against their oppressors, instead they follow in the path that is created for them.

The part of the declaration that I strongly disagree with is the exclusion of women and abolished slaves.

Carlyle was a writer, who endured much leisure time, yet argued that leisure time is not needed to develop as an individual and that all men should work as a favor to God.

Although it took time, equality was finally reached and prejudice towards women deceased.

Libertarians, Greens’ and Reformist aren’t seen as being honest and true telling. Distrust lies within all political parties.

These number of voters decreased as the years increased.

The United States leads the nation in the amount of people that relocate.

There are a higher number of unemployed and low educations among African American and Hispanic cultures, whereas, in non-Hispanic white culture there is a higher number of employed and advanced education.

Mayor Shirley Franklin of Atlanta, Georgia has a lot of confidence in obstacles that she wants changed.

For example, if you visit Barack Obama’s official website and look in the photo gallery, you will see pictures of Obama with George Clooney, George Bush, and Superman. Even though these three individuals have different occupations and backgrounds, they are all bringing different voting groups to be on Obama’s side.

That leaves a gap of 1181 years without a woman being in a position of leadership in the African Methodist Episcopal church.

Wells was also challenged with the concept to develop female suffrage; she a strong believer in womanhood.

Accounts like these shows how hard its was to be black in the 70’s, but camouflages even worse it was to be a black woman.

In a range from the Palmer Raids to the Russia Revolution, Goldman’s experiences was a catalyst that compelled her to write a defining piece that she was well known for. However, Goldman exploited vitriolic events in her own volatile life that caused her views to be subjugated in writing.

She attributes one’s destiny with morality.

Women would do not abided but the rules that were set in place were ineligible for marriage.

In my opinion, women were only expected to seek out a husband throughout their lives.

In case Aryans were rolling nomads they can not give any religion of good virtues because they do not know the real bases of the well settled establishments.

Nietzsche’s argument on traditionalism is completely valid. In fact this theory, as stated would solve capitalism as a whole.

Human beings prior to the B.C. era knew it was unnatural to slaughter another human being, such as Cain when he slaughter Abel.

Also I know she meant for the early paring of male and female students to end with the men seeing their wives not as “wives” but as companions.

Until then the young man will turn to prostitutes and eventually become infected hence eventually infecting his wife, who then infects his children by boring them.

Hence a single ruler regime is not a viable source of leadership due to his/her ornate inability to make rational decisions.

The combination of liberty and freedom lies at the center of a superior republic.

Nature corrupts evil.

Burke believed the French Revolution was harming to society because it did not follow societal beliefs.

C.L.R. James (1901-1989) was born in Trinidad and Tobago, which at the time was a British colony, but is now known as the Caribbean.

The congress has a divided branch which is the House of Representatives and the senate.

Just like congress the president has many powers and structures.

After years of formal change in urban communities’ city halls, underlying forces of negative content still remain.

The author argues that deposit the numerous oppressions black women face she is still resilient.

The author argues that historically, groups are to identify best with one of theory own.

The policy of American government reeks with economic undertones and constituent whispers.

Fanon endured his own personal accounts of both racism and discrimination, on the bases of being a black man.

The remarkable thing about King is that he believed that the only way to reach the oppressor was to beat him at his own game, and allow him to see how much of a hypocrite he was, and that racism was not just base upon the color of ones skill.

Due to the fact that women of the time were specifically groomed to be that of a pleasing toy, by which perhaps accentuated the achievements of men, she believed that women should attend school.

However, as an African might be more apt to hire another African American for a job because of the sense of allegiance between the race, women have more of a natural competition amongst each other.

What Malcolm preached was in many ways right and made since but that didn’t stop many whites from being terrified and disturbed, yet also inspired, black Americans.

Malcolm X was labeled a “Black racist” because he disagreed with the “turn the other cheek” approach of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and most of the others that were considered the “acceptable” leaders of the civil rights struggle. (By which no one knows how.)

The issue with Beauviors argument collides when she begins to compare discrimination of gender and race of similar struggles and in the same category.

Women are written in books because of their achievements and not just because they have been achieved.

Freedom of religion is important, but it should not trump other rights like the right to sacrifice animals.

Freedom of religion should not preserve or protect unconstitutional issues seeing that activities can promote health consequences or animal brutality.

Bureaucracy means the rule by people at desks and has been used as early as the nineteenth century.

Politician is an individual who is a formally recognized & active member of a government. They tend to lie so they can get elected.

Everything is simply expected to simply be brought upon us.

The media shouldn’t tell our plans and secrets that we are doing in Iraq because the people in Iraq will know what we are going to do.

Most members of Congress are re-elected and are stagnant.

Most accused persons should not have rights because they did commit the crime with no question; if most accused persons did not have rights then I don’t believe the national debt would be as high as it is now.

Almost a hundred years ago, there was created a very familiar doctrine known mostly among the blacks and whites: separate but equal.

Power as well as principle remains at the heart of the U.S. and no country is more powerful or more influential in the US than the United States.

But I think there is a really big problem with this, weather you have the KKK or the NAACP doing a march or a lesser known organization you will still almost have opposition or violence against them.

To be considered as a politician one must be active in party politicians and galvanizes public opinion.

Many U.S. citizens view adolescent sex as unacceptable and should not be openly discussed.

Then there is Stokes the technocrat whom was heavenly influenced by Dr. King.

Gender equality is defined as the belief in the equality of the gender or the sexes.

Although, America bolsters one of the most powerful economies in the world.

The federal government used a German model to reorganize Public Health Service (PHS) into its present day role of public health activism that is headed by the Surgeon General to the present day.

Although the concept of liberty is said to be afforded to everyone it dissolves more and more as governments and political systems are structured to make society more civilized.

I do also believe that Hitler’s loathing of the Jewish race had lots to do with psychological disorders, I am not a psychologist, and am incapable of making any specific proposals.

Malcolm X publicly influenced many blacks during his time by expressing the issues of racism.

Confucius political theory is based on ethnics.

These unconscious are an effect of the need to sustain ourselves being our primary concern.

Mary Wollstonecraft born was truly a woman of stature.

Emerging out of the island of Jamaica in the later half of this century, the religious/political movement known as Rastafarianism has gained widespread exposure in the Western world.

The life and thought of Malcolm X has craved a curious path to Black cultural authority and social acceptance.

It is important to know that the bases of political science is more than enjoying the liberty that it poses.

When Bob Marley asks to “emancipate ourselves from mental slavery” he in prophesies at the same time to the people who are strongly influenced.

Bob Marley was a Jamaician musician, songwriter, and political activist, who of mixed parental heritage, saw fit to experience and understand the plight of blacks in Jamaican.

Rodney didn’t allow his disbandment from Jamaica stop him.

Bob Marley’s theory contributes some aspects to political thought and political theory that we can incorporate to further evaluate cultural identity and liberty.

He was an advocate for freedom and liberty and used his music as part of his weapon for spreading awareness.

It was founded on the suffrage of oppression on a mental, physical, and spiritual level.

Rodney challenged the thoughts of political leaders such as Forbes Burnham of Guyana or Michael Manley of Jamaica, seeing them as giving a new leash of life to neo-colonialism.

The cultural identity of modern African American political theorists Ida B. Wells-Barnett, C.L.R. James, W.E.B. DuBois, and Simone de Beauvoir Beauvoir biases their writings and their perspectives.

Williams stated in his Independence Day address that “Independence as a democracy means majority rule with minority rights, but the minority cannot prevent the majority from ruling… the success of independence depends on the actions of everyone” this alone validates the concept of cultural identity and the emergence of a liberal democratic government because of the fact that the Caribbean people now have a sense of belonging to within their own people instead of being under the control of British white men.

Rastafarianism first began as a religion that catered only to the oppression of blacks at the hands of white people.

To sum it up, John Stuart Mill, John Rawls, Olympe de Gouges, and Simeon de Beauvoir are four theorist who shed light on the question of justifying liberal democracy in a world in which other values other than liberty are significant.

When Rastafarianism comes to mind, Jamaicans, reggae music, dreaded hair and ganja might be one’s first thought.

One thinker’s thoughts are not better than the other. Different opinions make the world of philosophy great.

Many political theorist have foucused more on things other than liberty because they find that their theories are more significant and those fore have created a problem for modern political theory to be recognized. These theorist have let their values hince the progression of liberal democracy.

The philosophers aforementioned does this same thing.

It seems like they want to follow in the footsteps of America but they want to follow their own path.

The overabundance of people can lead to the feuding of different ethnic groups in Nigeria.

In conclusion, Nigeria is relatively better than many of the countries of Africa; however Nigeria as country still have very serious problems that they need to be addresses.

Malcolm realized that white America loved its white privilege and had not intention to let it go. He believed that blacks need to see their struggle as not just against oppression for civil rights but also as a fight against human rights.

Malcolm charged the black community to fuel itself towards black nationalism and take care of the problems they could address themselves within their own communities.

Goldman addressed the most president problems for women at her time.

We see King’s theories relevant when we view the progressive of grass root organizations fight for social injustices.

It was in her later articles that Beauvoir started to study men and women social constructs.

According to Beauvoir, males have created the female sex to mean otherness.

In his writings On the Subjection of Women, in 1809, Mill said that elations between men and women should be based on the principle of perfect equality.

Liberty is not Liberty unless it is exclusive to all.

Yet voting was a means for white politicians to sway the vote.

In addition, black problems in this country have been made in the interests of those whites dealing with these problems and not in the best interests of black people in the country.

Us as Americans are always changing and therefore, the system has to keep changing to fit our needs.

Yet, blemishes in the system show this process can be manipulated to achieve other goals, such as the weapons of mass destruction claim which granted the president the ability to capture Sodom.

Christianity and Islam should be able to coexist in America because that is why this country was founded.

I feel if you are a journalist it is your duty for all details and especially your opinions.

Basically with the few switching of having anything true to say don’t say it at all.

The political system should be used accurately which I think it is not because sometimes it faces to many issues regarding its use. I think it’s the people’s fault that is in charge of running the political system.

Feminists are always protesting that pornography flaunts the female body and depicts it poorly in public view.

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