15 May 2007

one simple solution

do not remark each simple turn
nothing is here that we could gain
for all our effort might and main
the stone below us will not burn
it still rebukes us hard and stern
each one may read its message plain
it does not change for sun or rain
while we for quicker changes yearn
beyond this rock the branches sway
a simple breeze creates the dance
as formally the long limbs bow
these are the signs of middle day
the birds and flowers all advance
the coming bareness of each bough
this is the signal we'll see now
each course will join a common way
though children in the gardens prance
this and no more we can avow
all change we make bywork or play
our pleasant visions come by chance
they are what this life will allow
but there are other lights that come
and in their presence we are dumb

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