20 May 2007

on dune and headland

shake out the flags and let the chants arise
there's nothing that can halt our upward move
we are the righteous ones as we can prove
our power and glory reach beyond the skies
our vengeance far above you soars and flies
the greatness of our leader high above
outshines our enemy and for his love
no one will count the myriad shining lies
there is no reason that one could believe
our strength will falter and our glory fade
till we are one with empires of the past
we always will rejoice and rarely grieve
our foes will be forever in our shade
and our realm's empery will last and last


Chia Mimi said...

I like this sonnet, thank you for sharing.

~waving~ from The Netherlands!

FSJL said...

Dank je wel!