01 May 2007

may day

flags we will wave and joy will be expressed
with all our energy we mark this day
all that we know and all that we could say
are gifts of nature that explain our zest
each step we take each ordeal every test
of our commitment to the proper way
all indicate the strength of hope we may
harbour within our hearts although we rest
now here the breeze gives us another start
we listen to the words and make them true
each of our minds contains the best reply
these are not matters for the common mart
we think of forces now brought into view
the reason we are given the purpose why
we must assert our truth above the lie
there's a firm obligation to do our honest part
we wait for the command we'll act on cue
freedom begins in the depths of the heart
the better world we want is always new
above the flags and cheers our hopes will fly
now here the signal comes to every thought
the hope which we release will not be caught

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