18 May 2007

the living stream

had we the story told both rich and deep
we would not now have access to the light
but still we have our honesty to keep

the richness of the colour outlasts night
whatever comes will not be only ours
still there is joy at presence of the sight

there is no legacy of these plain powers
at once the movement seems quite correct
just hidden though are many lovely flowers

the worshippers belong to no known sect
under their flag there's never any fear
the shouting and the cries have no effect

each of us knows just how much to bear
we have no guardians and we must climb
each single day until we've made a year

but this is no simple matter of mere time
though life be short the living is quite long
to celebrate and cheer it is no crime

so much is here that others might deem wrong
and yet we do it that's the point of all
our plain doing and the rest's for song

we journey upward though we fear to fall
nothing here can challenge our desire
to answer joyous the direct and noble call

these hopes and principles will not expire
through every vein the happiness will run
we've faced the night and the most dreadful fire

and now we each stand laughing in the sun

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