16 May 2007

achieving calm

our soil is light and stony in it sweet flowers may grow
the trees beyond give shelter in weathers all the year
at home there's a rich treasure and we are free of fear
beyond our hope of harvest there's so much here to know
to give names is our duty and yet we've got to show
the powers that are beneath us the meaning of true care
as long as we have power we'll know how much we dare
some time we'll see the sunshine sometime the lunar glow
yet in the time we've taken we'll do such things as might
when all that's done is over give us much more to leave
to such as may come after and then we'll know our task
has been one of the fruitful then we may sleep at night
yet still there may be duties and we'll give one last heave
there will some day be answers and we may drop the mask

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