28 April 2007

at an oblique angle

to welcome all the listeners and wish them every joy
there's nothing like the terminus to tell us of the war
amazing that we never seem to open the front door
on every side we see the meanings folk employ
to tell us what we're doing and to let the power annoy
the ones who cannot rise above the margin of the floor
name one and name another or we will lose the score
with access to the matters that we cannot now enjoy
so what the starter gives us when we do not see the way
will let us make our fortunes or else will let us thrive
in whatever little corner we choose to make our home
we've not been given orders nor the seating of the play
instead we must be grateful our friends are still alive
but stay condemned to move and wonder why we roam
evidence one would think that we are no more than foam
our hopes remain but now our bodies must not stay
none will be observing when our aircraft arrive
the soil in which we planted will turn out to be clay
there cannot be a moment in which we don't revive
the hopes that we have read of in every sacred tome
so when we reach the mountain we won't be grey or sad
but thank our lucky stars for all the happiness we had

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