24 March 2007

without transition

within the moment what room to be
no sham this enterprise emergent
what not to understand or even see

the answer that arrives most urgent
wherever growth resumes in spring
grass climbing up the slope resurgent

not heard the telephone's faint ring
messages taken coming across ocean
all avian creatures rise on happy wing

soothed by the touch of emollient lotion
a storm recedes clouds scurry west
there's no reason for any great commotion

instead we ask each candidate for the test
not for an answer but a better query
selecting all the bad ones not the best

the response given does not make us teary
intensity of concern drives us wild
but we have got good reason to be wary

the adult carries in his soul the child
that looked on the wide world with wonder
and now considers things and is not mild

what had created such a curious blunder
the sense of being not a whole but part
of some smaller being with no thunder

we go back and examine from the start
the nastier production of the torpid night
and see in them the makings of new art

it is our duty here to make clean light

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