31 March 2007

a spring saturday

aloft a speckled blue like wild bird's egg
lower the varied greens dancing in light
still hours to go before return of night
each tree sways gently like a dancing leg
yet holds the earth down firmly as a peg
time it would seem has given up its spite
the day began dull but now ends bright
peace flows serene like beer from a keg
let there be wisdom no god told us that
but we need something firm in each mind
rest comes and calm but always a catch
sits in our thoughts we can take nothing flat
acceptance of each moment is too blind
but only fools would strike the final match


Sally's Life said...

I love this truly inspired image: "each tree... holds the earth down firmly as a peg".
High on a windy hill yesterday I watched hares dancing in a court of grass surrounded by sheltering treas. Your spring seems also to be springing.

FSJL said...

Thanks. It's been springing for a few weeks now. Leaves are out on every tree, and rain today cleared a lot of the pollen that's been covering everything.