01 March 2007

limits of reality

not for us the greater treasures
nor the larger water's tides
we will seek the smaller pleasures
little gifts and shorter rides

at our summoning the sunlight
only comes in fits and starts
but the magic if it's done right
warms the hardest human hearts

not for us the howling torment
of the hurricane's great power
but the sudden light of shore meant
to indicate the lovers' hour

when we call on it the hearthfire
gives its colour to the walls
and the gifts to which we aspire
provide the joy that never palls

not for us the sunlit beaches
of the far-off tropic lands
rather the less remote reaches
where the water meets the sands

with the limits to our wages
come the limits to our hopes
yet only the veriest fool rages
he who knows the way just copes

not for us the the magic sunrise
that will light up the whole year
rather we will see the fun rise
when we've got rid of our fear

at the boundaries of our place
there's a shimmering of light
we're the masters of our own space
from morning till the fall of night

not for us triumphal entry
to the city of our dreams
but the task of standing sentry
nothing taken to extremes

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