26 March 2007

For AS on a new journey

There are no destinations on our trip,
just stopping points where we may rest
or find some task at which we do our best,
before we have to move, or else we slip
from place to place at a more steady clip
and, rootless, are devoted to the quest.
We may abide, but at our own behest,
and when we are quite ready board the ship.
To view the different oceans and the isles
that story tells of, to have got to view
the places that you dreamt of as a child,
that's the reward for the long weary miles.
Each place we come to teaches something new,
and facing each departure we just smiled.


Abi said...


Thank you. That is lovely, both in concept and execution.

And I am grateful, as well, for your thoughtfulness in writing it today.


FSJL said...

Abi: Niets te danken.