27 March 2007

A continuing mission

Beyond the stars in deepest hard vacuum
all journeys end or so we have been told;
our job, however, requires us to be bold
so to the deepest spaces we'll presume
to go, not because there's no more room
on Earth for courage, but in spite of cold
equations that would moor or hold
us in one place. Space is not a tomb.
Other continua we know we'll find
where arbitrary powers still hold sway
who wish to subject us to greatest pain.
Still we move forward, with each mind
determined to keep our vessel on its way;
and even androids seek the human stain.
Now, Borg or zombie, it has been quite plain,
will seek to make us from our true path stray
and our desires assimilate and bind.
Yet, we believe that we must win the day,
our virtues keep, and greater wisdom gain,
knowing that vision comes even to the blind.
Captains are bold, and make us understand
that hope and justice are at our command.


serge said...

I wonder what J.J.Abrams's movie will be like.

FSJL said...

So do I.