16 March 2007

after a long journey

it's what's not there that you remember best
the staring vacancy that can't be truly filled
you never gave much attention to the rest

rivers of harsh words that have been spilled
in righteous anger in sharpest condemnation
but do we pause to remember all the killed

they spent that day in their normal situation
and then they were not in the hottest blaze
we use their memories as our great incantation

but otherwise they're all cast into deep haze
it isn't that we're callous or don't care
but we have better ways to spend our days

the music that we hear's gone out of tune
but what's that to us when we bear the tax
of every promise made under the moon

we've gone and let ourselves become too lax
but there are better ways to show our might
we'll stretch our enemies upon the racks

we'll burn their eyes with our actinic light
we'll make them give up and then plead to die
because when we do it we do it really right

to get to truth we'll send out every lie
to act on our behalf and to help obscure
what should be most apparent to the eye

for normal scepticism we have found a cure
on the warm shores of a far tropic bay
we test to see how much they can endure

we really must be given our rightful way
our writ must everywhere be free to run
we'll bring the world to its true judgment day

our anger must blaze far hotter than the sun

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