12 February 2007

to rejoice in the day

in winter we live for the sudden warm days
that steal in suddenly each a small spring
coming upon us on swift stealthy wing
surprising us with their kind gentle ways
above a bird in cloudless blue sky plays
we wonder what other gifts it may bring
our coats we take off heavy clothes we fling
aside we rejoice in bright sun's blaze
but this is just a break and not the end
winter returns and does so with great force
still we are glad to feel this gentle air
though warmer and more stormy is the trend
still winter must follow it's steady course
but on such days we see the springtime clear


Serge said...

Indeed. On my way to the bus stop yesterday morning, I noticed how many more birds I could hear singing. And it felt good.

FSJL said...

It does in the middle of winter, no doubt about that.