20 February 2007

distant noises

we hear the sirens punctuate the dawn
the thoughts that grab us are not very kind
dead bodies lying on the street or lawn

it would take someone with an empty mind
to think that peace and order are secure
as humans we're all caught in the same bind

we want to think our motives are all pure
but what we do does not assure at all
each year the decent ones get ever fewer

we wonder who will cry or weep or bawl
nowhere to hide as morning comes on fast
someone will be set up to take the fall

that's how it's been on every morning past
there's someone who will get the final bill
as for their fate the die is always cast

there isn't much here that can cheer or thrill
before hard facts we cannot hesitate
we act by other's hope or whim or will

our thoughts are bound to organise too late
there's never time to think anything through
we blame the actions of an unkind fate

what we behold is hidden from plain view
by those whose answers would not satisfy
we're held in place by some impressive glue

trapped by our thoughts into the easy lie
that nothing matters no one is our friend
and let the funeral cort├Ęge pass us by

alone we contemplate the sort of end
that comes in silent undeclared small wars
but then our minds will find another trend

meanwhile the day has banished all the stars

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