29 January 2007

they also serve

in the evening as the shadows turn to night
i sit and pause before the next big task
relax my face and for a moment slip the mask
looking to see that there's none to affright
i know in the mirror i must be a real sight
drooping after long hours and no small flask
to revive or madden me nor the chance to ask
for some relief some means to make all right
before the call of duty once more draws me out
to do the careful dance that earns the meagre pay
that's my allotment others might remark
that all in all i'd have some cause to shout
with joy not anger at the long workday
for in my way i'm holding back the dark


Serge said...

"...for in my way i'm holding back the dark..."

You definitely do that.

FSJL said...

I hope I do. Thank you.