31 January 2007

monsters from the id

in the deepest parts of every human past
where lie the things we most want to forget
beyond such simple matters as regret
there are old entities both swift and vast
that battle with each other and that cast
shadows in hearts that come with a great debt
that goes not unforgotten in the sweat
of conflict and that's there with the last blast
of any tocsin calling warriors to the fight
without which we would sink into ourselves
and never rise to confront the oldest fears
with all the weapons we can make of light
created new or brought up from the shelves
of every history and all will end in tears


Serge said...

Ah, the monsters from the id... At the risk of sounding sacrilegous, Forbidden Planet is a better science-fiction movie than Kubrick's space odyssey, and deals with many more SF concepts, and in an intelligent manner too. In my opinion, anyway.

FSJL said...

I like both, and both have interesting things to say.