03 March 2007

long day's journey

we should not be all that worried
at the ending of these days
nor for this should we be hurried
all along the well-paved ways

never since the early brewing
of the tea and coffee pots
has there been here such a stewing
over what are simple lots

given that we've never altered
in our times the basic laws
why on earth should you have faltered
when you were not given cause

never mind the maps and posters
on the sunlit office walls
put your cups on the nice coasters
don't make trouble in the halls

since the day when it was sunny
we've had trouble with our heads
we've been feeling tired and funny
spending more time in our beds

never till the sun is falling
and we see the rise of night
have we had a sense of calling
but we look a total fright

and to end this silly measure
we must take a simple bow
hurry off with all our treasure
go to milk the angry cow

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